Sigma Beta Rho National Service & Philantrophy

Youth Education & Development

xplode- ripley house, book donationAs a fraternity that is heavily invested in service, we have chosen Youth Education and Development to be our national philanthropy. We have isolated youth education as a worthwhile focus since the youth are truly the world’s most valuable long-term renewable resource. Concordantly, we want to plant the seeds of the future now by properly cultivating the present. The underprivileged youth are among the greatest tragedies across humanity. It is our inherent responsibility as concerned global citizens to assess how we might best assist those who need it the most and follow through in providing them with opportunities graciously afforded to ourselves.

In the past, we have been involved with OLPC (One Laptop Per Child), a program that seeks to provide inner city schools with modern technology compararable to that of higher-tier schools. This follows from the belief that the education of America’s children should not be discriminated against by their inherited socioeconomic backgrounds, but should be equal no matter one’s affluence. Having access to such modern technology greatly helps foster the narrowing of the proverbial education gap currently plaguing American school systems.

Another program that we have been involved in is the Save the Music Foundation. This VH1-sponsored initiative seeks to preserve and enhance music education programs in public schools. The foundation collects money from donors and purchases new musical instruments to restore musical education programs that have been cut due to budget reductions or to save current programs at risk of shut down due to the lack of available musical instruments. Give the gift of sound to those who have lifetimes to appreciate it.

Currently, Sigma Beta Rho is searching for a nationally recognized partner to align with permanently for future philanthropic activity. If you know of any such qualified organization, please email


Ari Stillman | Brother Haywire

Kappa Chapter (National VP of Undergraduate Affairs)

Chapter-Level Events

We are also proud to say that every chapter, including our Alumni, are involved in serving the community. Some of the community service organizations and events that the brothers of Sigma Beta Rho have volunteered their time and resources to include the following:

Be The Change (former National Gandhi Day of Service): Chapters/Colonies across the nation are a part of this great day of service that brings all people together to make the change that they wish to see. We have brothers who have been on the national BTC board as Marketing Directors and Flagship-city Coordinators.

Tsunami Relief Effort: The brothers from various chapter and colonies alike raised funds to provide relief to the victims of the tsunami around the globe. The Drexel colony alone funded the efforts with over $30,000 by bringing comedian Russell Peters.

Indian Earthquake Relief Effort: The brothers from various chapters raised $15,000 to aid the victims of the earthquake in India.

Toys for Tots: Every year, brothers have collected various toys for children less fortunate and donated them to the Toys for Tots charity.

Multiple Sclerosis Walk and American Cancer Society’s Walk for Breast Cancer: Brothers of Sigma Beta Rho have also taken part in these walks with other organizations and individuals to raise money.

Hale House: Brothers of Sigma Beta Rho raised money for supplies for the children of the Hale House. Hale House is a center for unfortunate children who are born addicted to drugs.

Binghamton Community Outreach: The brothers of Sigma Beta Rho helped the Binghamton University administration in organizing their “Picnic in the Park,” a program created to bridge the gap between the University and the surrounding community.

Jones Beach Breast Cancer Walk: Each year, Brothers from the NYC and the Long Island region joined thousands of others and take part in this event to raise awareness about Breast cancer.

EarthStock: Brothers of the Zeta Chapter at Stony Brook University volunteer at this annual event to raise awareness about the environment.

Buffalo Blizzard Clean Up: After one of the largest snow storms hit Buffalo, New York, brothers of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity Inc. went from house to house aiding those who were affected by the storm. The Brothers rebuilt as much destroyed property as possible, cleaned up the property of many of the residents of the city, and made sure that everyone would be able to return to their normal routine.

Lunch Buddies Program: Virginia Tech has set up a daily “Lunch Buddies” program with the local elementary school. Everyday, two brothers take turns visiting the school to have lunch with the students and provide help with school work.

Support the Arts: The brothers of the Mu Chapter at the University of South Florida recently adopted Franklin Middle School. This school is known as a Renaissance school – meaning over 90% of the students are on free or reduced lunch. When the Brothers approached them in the Spring of 2008, their Music Program had suffered from major budget cuts and was in risk of being dissolved altogether. As a result of various fundraising events throughout the semester, the Brothers were able to donate $1,000 to their music program at their winter concert in Fall 2008.

Hands on New York: Brothers from the NYC/NJ region participated in Hands on New York multiple times. Some of the activities have included cleaning up parks and fixing up schools.

One Laptop Per Child: This was a nationwide effort that all chapters took part in. Each chapter raised over $500 so that children in third world countries may have access to advanced educational resources such as lap tops.

TOPSoccer: During every spring semester, the Beta Chapter volunteers its time to the TOPSoccer program. This is a weekly commitment in which the Brothers play soccer with autistic children in order to develop their athletic abilities as well as let them enhance their social skills. The Brothers received the XCELsior Award for Best Community Service Group in 2008 as a result of their involvement with the TOPSoccer program.