The members of the Greek Community at Stony Brook University request the help of as many individuals as possible in our efforts to aid the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake it has experienced.

If anyone is able to contribute clothing, canned goods, and bottled water it will go a long way towards helping those who were effected by this disaster.

We will be setting up drop boxes in every Residence Hall for people to put clothes/non-perishable items in. If anyone has clothes at home that they wish to donate, please bring them with you when you move back to Stony Brook and drop them off in the drop boxes.

We will also be working side by side with the Caribbean Students Organization and Haitian Students Organization in their relief efforts as well. They will be collecting contributions at these dates and locations:

Monday 01/25 – SAC LOBBY
Tuesday 01/26 – UNION LOBBY
Wednesday 01/27 – SAC LOBBY
Thursday 01/28 – UNION LOBBY
Friday 01/ 29 – SAC LOBBY

Monday 02/01 – SAC LOBBY
Tuesday 02/02 – SAC LOBBY
Wednesday 02/03
Thursday 02/04 – UNION LOBBY
Friday 02/05 – SAC LOBBY